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Our Services for You

Promotionsexperten offer individual services to each doctoral student. We will accompany you during the whole process, from the first consultation at university until the end of your studies, also on site. The consulting services of Promotionsexperten are strictly oriented towards the resolutions of the European education authorities. We only offer consulting services for doctoral studies corresponding to the 3rd level of the Bologna resolutions (level PhD; DBA).

The search for a doctoral supervisor is organized individuall, and the personal contact between the doctoral student and the supervisor is common practice.

Appointments at university take place regularly. We attach great importance to a correct and official registration at university. Three appointments at university are mandatory. You will be accompanied by one of our employees during each appointment at university. If you have an appointment at a university outside the English speaking area, you will be accompanied by someone who is speaking the language of the country.

  • We will take care of all formalities and clarifications with authorities on site for you.
  • You can make own suggestions for the topic of the doctoral thesis.

The length of the studies depends on the university, the doctoral supervisor and the personal performance of the doctoral student. A doctoral study at a European partner university usually takes 6 semesters (Degree: Ph.D. or DBA). The program is designed for working academics. Our partner universities are located in the European Union.

The academic degrees that can be awarded by our partner universities are fully recognized (nationally and on EU-level). This is part of our contractually guaranteed services.
For questions on the costs to be calculated for a Ph.D. or DBA study program we ask you to contact us directly. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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