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Part-time doctoral programs

Why should I do an external doctoral study?

A doctoral degree comes along with higher social and professional standing. In professional life this title is very often a gate to more responsibility, recognition and along with that: higher income. Freelancers benefit from a doctoral title because its signals higher competence to customers and leads to more confidence. The competitive advantage of a doctoral title has been scientifically proven in the meantime (e.g. Kienbaum Study on remuneration of administrative functions, December 2008).

Unfortunately a doctoral study comes along with a number of formal, bureaucratic and practical obstacles for working academics. If someone prefers to keep the position he or she has reached in a company and is not willing to work as a research associate at university, he or she will have great difficulties to find a doctoral supervisor. Positions for external doctoral studies are extremely rare and the outcome of such a study is often not predictable.

We have created a network of universities with full right to conduct doctoral studies (H+), enabling working academics to do a doctoral study as external students in a known timeframe and with known requirements.



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